Get to the Root of Your Toothache

Toothache causes

Our teeth go through a lot through out our lifetime. They experience incredible pressure over the course of a person’s life. Mix in diets  high in cavity-causing sugar and carbohydrates. with poor dental hygiene and/or health issues and it becomes a recipe for  painful toothaches that are inevitable.

A toothache is one of the most common dental complaints  we see people for. Majority of the our patients initially think the problem may be tooth decay. However, the truth is that there are a lot of other underlying reasons that are linked to the root of the problem.  Here is some usefule information that can help patients and readers can to prevent toothaches to some extent:

Mind Over Body

People who have been severely stressed out often remember feeling stiffness in their faces, necks and shoulders afterward. That stiffness occurs because the brain prompts the body to tense up during a stressful event. A lot of people also respond to stress by clenching or grinding their teeth during the event or at night while they sleep. Over time, this bruxism can lead to sensitivity and pain in the teeth, face and jaw.

Mouth and Teeth

A small piece of food caught between two teeth can build up pressure that causes pain. Any cracks or breaks in teeth or fillings from bruxism, hard foods or wear and tear can make a tooth and other teeth surrounding it painful or sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Even the lightest touch, such as air inhaled through the mouth, can cause pain. Cavities, a missing filling, thin enamel, periodontal disease, gum infections, abscesses and impacted teeth below the gum line are additional sources.


The Health Connection

Other health issues can also affect the teeth. Congestion, sinusitis and sinus infections create a lot of painful pressure above the upper teeth. Any pain in the jaw from health issues like arthritis, cancer, temporomandibular joint dysfunction or an uneven bite can cause a toothache. An allergic reaction that swells the face, an ear infection, dysfunctional eustachian tubes and heart disease can also cause one or more teeth to ache.


DIY Treatment Options

If someone has a temporary or chronic health condition that’s causing the pain, the best way to alleviate the ache is by treating the symptoms of that other health condition. For immediate general relief, brushing gently and flossing might help. A toothpaste for sensitive teeth is another option. Pain relievers, oil of cloves or benzocaine and warm salt water are also trusted methods for bringing about some relief.

When the event lasts more than a day or it includes bleeding or swollen gums, a bad taste or fever, the best plan is to schedule an appointment with a dental professional who has the training and experience necessary to evaluate and correctly diagnose tooth-related pain. At our Tamiami Dental Center and Biscayne Dental Center locations, our experienced dental teams help patients determine the cause of their toothaches and the best methods for treatment using visual examination and state-of-the-art scans.

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How often do you have toothaches?

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