General Dentistry

Tamiami Dental Center offers an incredibly wide range of general dentistry services to residents and visitors to the Miami area. Our multi-specialty dental practice provides a wide range of services from cosmetic dentistry to oral health maintenance and beyond. At Tamiami, we strive to help encourage beautiful smiles in each and every one of our patients. The general dentistry team at Tamiami benefits from an integrated team that consists of periodontists, cosmetic dentists, and oral surgeons.

General dentistry in Tamiami

Keeping your mouth healthy and clean is essential for overall health. Tamiami Dental Center understands the essential need for oral health maintenance. Our general dentistry services offer teeth cleaning, filling of cavities, and regular checkups to help maintain oral health. Regular maintenance and oral healthcare is the only way to ensure an attractive smile that lasts.  We even offer emergency dentistry and fixes to bridges and crowns in our general dentistry department.

The general dentistry team at the Tamiami Dental Center offers a comprehensive list of services that includes all of the following and more:

General Dentistry Benefits at Tamiami Dental Center

Going in for a dental checkup isn’t an optional health routine for people who want to have a healthy smile and a healthy body. Our general dentistry team has the experience, education, and technology to help complete any and all general dentistry needs. We provide a convenient option for Miami residents to get all of their oral healthcare needs taken care of under one roof.

We offer more than just general dentistry services. With a background in periodontics, our general dentistry team benefits from a wide knowledge-base on gum disease and gum maintenance. Tamiami Dental Center is home to a team of dental professionals that work together to help people walk out the door with a more beautiful smile.

General Dentistry in Miami 

The main components of a general dentistry practice are:

  • routine checkups,
  • teeth cleaning,
  • upkeep on dental implants,
  • filling of cavities.

Individuals with bridges, crowns, or dentures should visit a general dentist multiple times each year. Tamiami Dental Center integrates a wide range of dental specialities under one roof, offering a multi-specialty practice that can truly accomplish any dental procedure.

Replacing a filling, upgrading older dental implants, and analyzing and filling cavities are all easily accomplished at our multi-specialty practice. Our only goal is to help people who walk into our office walk out with a brighter, healthier smile. Tamiami Dental Center encourages a better self-image by properly maintaining oral health through consistent visits to the general dentistry team.