Want a brighter smile without a single shot, humming drill, or multiple visits? Lumineers at Tamiami Dental Center can help brighten a smile without any of the traditional pain and inconvenience of dental implants or bridgework. Lumineers at our multi-specialty practice are installed with absolutely no drilling, no shots, and little to no discomfort of any kind.

Lumineers from Tamiami Dental Center are designed to last around 20 years. To install long-lasting options, our dental team usually requires just two meetings for complete installation. People are often quite surprised at the flexible and convenient installment of these unique veneers. For a brighter, straighter smile with a low-impact dental procedure, consider Lumineers from Tamiami Dental Center.

Lumineers and a Brighter Smile

Lumineers TamiamiLumineers provide a fast option for a brighter smile that lasts. The team of dentists at Tamiami Dental Center is proud to provide a valuable cosmetic dentistry service to the greater Miami area. Check out just a few of the benefits listed below:

  • Precision molding
  • A secure, snug fit
  • LUMITray technology optional
  • A more aligned smile
  • Complete color match
  • No pain
  • No numbing shots
  • No drilling
  • Just two visits for complete installation
  • Convenient and fast
  • Lasts up to 20 years 

Lumineers were designed to create brighter smiles people could be proud to show in pictures. Since the original development of the dental service, the goal of creating brighter smiles has been realized in thousands of patients. Very similar to veneers, this dental service offers incredibly thin installations that are flexible and dynamic enough to improve any smile.

Before and after shots of Lumineer installation are simply stunning. What’s even more stunning is that this option is so customizable. Each individual patient benefits from carefully customized and shaped Lumineers. For people who want to change their entire smile, Tamiami Dental Center offers LUMITray technology that allows us to install Lumineers on all teeth at once. Many Miami residents are walking out of Tamiami Dental Center with a brighter, happier smile.

Lumineers: A Flexible Solution

With how drastic the before and after results of Lumineers are, it is no wonder so many automatically thing they are a permanent solution. What’s great about Lumineers is their incredibly flexibility. In just a couple of visits, people walk out with a whiter, straighter smile. What’s even better is the ability to easily remove the dental work for installation of more permanent solutions.

Lumineers are the completely reversible option for people who want a beautiful smile but who might want more advanced dental work completed down the road. Lumineers are easily removed by a qualified dental professional. That does not mean, however, that they are not a durable option. In fact, with proper care, a quality set of Lumineers can last as long as 20 years or more.

Stunning Smiles with Lumineers

Tamiami Dental Center installs Lumineers in just two visits to create an incredibly bright smile. Other, more permanent and less flexible cosmetic options are also available at our multi-specialty dental practice. We fix chipped and cracked teeth, misaligned teeth, and stained teeth without the need for advanced and invasive dental procedures.

Tamiami Dental Center is committed to improving the smile of each and every client that walks through our Miami doors. Lumineers are a simple, durable option for creating a brighter, whiter, truly stunning smile.