Side Effects Of Oral Piercings on Your Teeth


Today, piercing is a common way to express yourself. Those interested in body art should be aware of the risks associated with it, especially when it comes to oral piercings, like a tongue piercing. Other types of oral piercings may involve the lips, cheeks or a combination of sites on the face. Some piercings are problematic, resulting in unexpected conditions. Before you make any choices that can severely affect your health, it’s important to know the realities of different procedures.

For the most part, a touSide-Effects-Dental-Care-Piercingnge piercing is done without anesthetic. A piece of jewelry that’s shaped like a barbell is placed into the tongue with the help of a needle. The piercing jewelry is longer than the jewelry of choice and must be used temporarily. The temporary piece is extra long because the site will swell post-piercing. Without compilations, healing can take up to six weeks.

Tongue splitting is another type of body art. During this process, the tongue is split into two pieces to create a unique appearance. A scalpel may be used or fishing line is sometimes used to split the tongue. In order to keep the tongue split, you have to regularly pull the two pieces of the gone apart so that it doesn’t heal together. If you do decide to let it heal, you may still need additional surgery.

Some people complain of adverse reactions following an oral piercing, including pain, infection, swelling, gum tissue injury and extra saliva flow. If there’s a blood vessel that was pierced during the piercing, bleeding can result and it can be difficult to control. It’s also possible for your teeth to either crack or chip. Some people also get blood clots or even blood poisoning. While swelling is a common side effect, some people experience such severe swelling that their airway becomes blocked and they can no longer breathe.

Most people don’t know the possible side effects of an oral piercing before they get one done. Since it’s such a huge health risk, the best option is to skip an oral piercing and keep your lovely smile in tact.