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Invisalign in Doral FL

At Tamiami Dental Center, we install Invisalign in Doral and traditional braces to help create straighter, more attractive smiles that last. Although traditional braces are still an option, more than 1,000,000 patients have enjoyed the convenience and results from the Invisalign system. The process is simple, the program flexible, and the results incredible. For anyone who wants a straighter smile and better overall health, Invisalign is a great cosmetic dentistry choice.

The pain and aggravation of traditional braces is all but eliminated through the installation of the Invisalign system. The team of dental professionals at Tamiami Dental Center work together to create oral health and cosmetic dentistry for each individual patient. This system is can handle almost all teeth straightening issues with the support of our team of dentists. As a multi-specialty practice, our office can complete tooth extraction, bridgework, and Invisalign in Doral, FL.

Invisalign is the culmination of decades of dental technology. We use the latest Invisalign technology to provide a convenient, powerful option for a better smile. The system is simple, the trays convenient, and the results stunning.

The Benefits of the Invisalign System

With more than 1 million patients sporting a better smile, it is no wonder so many are turning to the most modern dental tech option for straightening teeth. Invisalign works by gradually aligning teeth through the incremental movement of completely clear and transparent trays. The alignment and movement of trays is gradual, but is usually quite a bit faster than traditional braces.

There are a variety of reasons that Invisalign has become so popular, check out a few of them below:

  • System allows for easy and convenient teeth brushing
  • Much quicker than traditional braces
  • Easily removable to allow for a normal diet
  • Aligners can be removed at any time
  • Clear and transparent for concealed braces
  • Slow, progressive movement of teeth
  • Much more convenient than traditional braces
  • No troublesome rubber bands

How Invisalign Works?

Your adventure towards a straighter, more attractive smile at Tamiami Dental Center begins with an initial consultation. Our team of dental professionals captures impressions of your teeth on the first appointment. After you leave the office, we spend time carefully using 3D imaging software to custom model the movement of trays to align an individual’s teeth.

The next appointment, baring any unforeseen circumstances, usually provides patients with their first set of Invisalign trays. We help educate patients on how to properly take care of and install the braces. Once we educate you and install the trays, life can go back to normal (unlike with traditional braces).

Life can go back to normal, but for true effectiveness aligners must stay in the mouth for at least 22 hours each day. When carefully adhering to the system, treatment time can be extremely low. In fact, some cases require only 6 to 18 months of treatment to see the completely re-alignment of teeth. Invisalign is a relatively quick and longterm solution for a better smile.

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